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Vehicle Customization

Vehicle customization covers many areas.  Some of these areas can include custom fitted tooling areas inside vans, to fitted dog cages for transporting pets around the country.  All customizations are made with the end user in mind, with an emphasis on thought and preparation and making sure the customer is happy first time.

Additional Seating

Certain customizations involve fitting extra seats as pictured on the right here.  We make sure that all lap belt anchorage points comply with 76/115 EEC for category M2 and M3 (passenger vehicles).  Static lap belts, static 3 point and lap retractor belts can be fitted with in-built anchorage points.  In short, we make sure that your passengers are safe at all times.


Roof Ventilation

Air ventilation products can also be fitted to your newly customized vehicle.  These are a great aid in providing good air circulation within your vehicle to those loved pets.  This is a great savior for those horrible moments when you are stuck in a traffic jam in hot stuffy weather with you and your animals gasping for air.  A great addition if you are thinking of having any customization done.


Sign Writing & Graphics

Vehicle graphics can create bold statements about your company and using a wide range of materials the end result often has explosive impact. Reflective vinyl for example, can bring a vehicle to life at dusk or into the night, and using the latest full colour technology, anything from photographs to complex logos can be applied to a vehicle quickly and efficiently. The image need not even stop when it comes to a window, with the advent of gerber vision, graphics can be visible from the outside, but transparent when looking from the inside out.


We fit towbars from all the major manufacturers, supplying to both the Trade and General Public, with all towbars for new vehicles complying with current EC Type Approval.  Every Piece of our work is done to a high standard, using the best quality materials.  Safety is extremely important to us.


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